Case Studies

Some of our Happy Customers

“We seem to have a common goal. We could be talking to our Accurate rep about an idea we have and before you know it, they’ve come back with suggestions on how to make it happen. These guys are not your average door-to-door salesmen. They actually get involved and without them, our job would be more difficult.”
Duane Lees - Production Manager Australian Architectural Hardwoods
"Basically, whenever we need someone to bounce ideas off, it’s Accurate that we turn to. And if we’re ever stuck, we’ll always call the team at Accurate as they always have the answers.”
Nick Miles - Head Machinist  Hurford Wholesale
“When Accurate visits they always bring new ideas about what’s happening in the market and introduce us to new processes and techniques.”
Satish Samuel - Tooling Team Leader Porta Mouldings
"We see Accurate's values as very closely aligned with our own. Like us, they're always looking for ways to do things better and technology plays an increasingly important role in our industry." 
Gerrard Scott - Purchasing Manager Sculptform

“If we have problems with a machine, the Accurate guys talk it through with the boys on the floor. Their advice helps to diagnose the problem and organise the right parts to get us back in action. Plus even as Accurate grows, they still offer the same commitment to customers which I appreciate very much.”

Curly Tatnell - General Manager DTM

“Nothing’s ever a problem. Some profiles in the past have been a bit difficult but with Accurate’s help, we achieve higher quality finishes with less waste which obviously helps the bottom line.”

David Spees - Director/Owner Against the Grain