5 reasons why Accurate's training can make a difference in your business

5 reasons why Accurate's training can make a difference in your business

We recognise that wood machining is a complex business which demands sophisticated machinery and skilled operators to ensure success and profitability. That’s why Accurate Australia & NZ have developed extensive training programs at all levels, to ensure that the quality of your human resource is in line with the quality of your equipment.

 An investment in staff training may be as simple as a manufacturer’s manual or product demonstration. We also offer tailored and scheduled courses at Accurate's Technology Centre in Brisbane. So whether its a hands-on course on-site with your current machinery or one of the many programmed courses such as grinding or moulder operations, we have something to cater for your business. 

So what modules are available?

  • Basics of Tooling
  • Tool Room Operations & Procedures
  • Moulder Operation - Planing and Profiling
  • Production - Moulder
  • Jointing
  • Tool & Cutter Grinding
  • Maintenance and Safety
  • Plus advanced training by request 

5 reasons why Accurate's training can make a difference in your business

1. Save yourself time and money

Why waste you and your team members time by trying to guess or ‘have a go’ at something you aren’t 100% sure about. People absorb only about half the information told to them, and 97% of information that is demonstrated to them. That is why we not only provide a written course manual to discuss and to keep, but also a hands on environment in your workplace or here at Accurate HQ.

Training will result in more productive team members and efficient running machines.

2. Empowering your team members

Show your team members that you care about them by investing in them. It is extremely empowering to be valued enough within the workplace to be offered a fully invested training program. Some research shows employees value education investment over pay increases! So while you are investing in the one of the many training opportunities, the result will be an informed and confident wood machinists for the rest of their life.

3. Keeping up to date

In the current environment the technical advances of today’s machines are completely different than even as little as 2 years ago. This is why it is vitally important to re-train all of your team members, no matter where their competency levels lie. Ongoing technology in current applications and machinery can be useless if the operator has no idea how to run the machine. By keeping our trainers with up to date information on machine technology, we can keep you and your team members up to date.


4. Lifetime learning

We guarantee that our course provides such a fantastic grounding in wood machining, that if your team member ever wants to revisit any of the modules in the future, they can do for free during their life with your company.

We call this lifetime learning!

5. Guarantee

We guarantee that if you do not notice any changes in your employee’s knowledge and performance in your operation, we will give you your money back!

Interested in a tailored training solution for your business? Contact sales@accurateaustralia.com 

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