Get five times more edge life from your knife steel

Get up to five times more edge life from your knife steel*

Increase your machine run time, reduce your set up time and reduce grinding costs by upgrading to ST-1 knife steel.

An Austrian study found up to 966 hours in time saved due to efficiencies by upgrading from HSS steel to ST-1! 

Source: Kanefusa (2012)

One of Accurate's Queensland sawmill customers has been trialling ST-1 steel in their operations with incredible results. Compared to regular HSS steel  they are producing 60,000 l/m of spotted gum decking on a jointed machine!

Accurate has a range of ST-1 knife steel available that can also be cut-to-length:

  • 635 x 30 x 3
  • 635 x 35 x 3
  • 635 x 40 x 5
  • 635 x 60 x 8

If you'd like to find out more about ST-1 steel, contact 

*compared to regular HSS steel. 

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