How to get 10X more value for your product with a simple hack

How to get 10X more value for your product with a simple hack

Get on board with benchtops

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You know those times when things may seem a bit quiet? That’s the perfect time to explore new product offerings and dip your company toe into diversifying your business. Accurate has a very simple hack that could help you achieve ten times more value for your product, whilst creating a new and lucrative additional offering.

Timber is hot!

As far as builders, architects and shopfitters are concerned, timber is ‘the’ material to choose and it’s enjoying a massive resurgence over other products. The increase in demand comes from two angles; firstly, the continuing trend towards environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, and secondly, timber’s glorious aesthetics. Timber softens and warms a space and nowhere is it more visible to or inviting for the masses than in the hospitality sector. Think of any café or restaurant you’ve ventured into lately and you’ve almost certainly seen wide use of timber; not just tables, floors, wall cladding and cabinetry, but solid timber serving counters seem to have become almost mandatory! At this point in time where a café’s ‘Insta-worthiness’ is every bit as important as the origin of the coffee beans, timber is a real showstopper.

Are you offering solid timber bench tops yet?

There’s good money to be made in this product and if you’re not producing solid timber bench tops, you’re missing out on your share of the pie! It’s much easier than you might think, and you can even produce them on your old spindle moulder using uneven boards or offcuts! We’re going to explain how you can get ten times more value for your product with one simple hack.

All you need is:

We filmed a quick hack on how you can get into the laminated bench top game for under $1k!

Small-run batches

Understand that we’re not talking 600 lineal metres runs here. You can do small runs to use up your offcuts or to make productive use of time when operations are a little slow. Think 18, 36 or 72 lineal metres.

Now let’s say you have long pieces of timber that are 90mm wide. You can produce a stunning 1800mm x 900mm bench top by processing 18 lineal metres of glue jointed timber.

18 lineal metres x $80 = $1,440

You’d have to agree, that’s not bad at all for something that would have only brought in about $144 as 4 x 2 framing!

Similarly, if you have 45mm timber, you’ll need to process 36 lineal metres to produce the same bench top, however you might charge $50 per lineal metre for this.

36 lineal metres x $50 = $1,800

And what if you don’t have long boards?

Easy! You can utilise your offcut timber by using an Accurate Finger Joint Cutterhead from the same new joinery tooling range. Invest in both the glue joint and finger joint cutterheads for less than $900 total and you’ll make back that money with your first or second bench top.

Get on this now! It’s easy to see how and why you should be capitalising on the market for practical, visually appealing and completely on-trend timber bench tops. The ROI is outstanding and you’ll have a new, premium product line to offer your existing customers and attract new ones!


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