How to make an extra $9,000 (with no refractometer)

How to make an extra $9,000 per day (without a refractometer)

What if we said we could grant you an extra 40 minutes in your day that could result in an additional $9,000 of finished product? The new Accurate Grinding Coolant Premix is an absolute game changer and it’s available exclusively to Accurate Australia and New Zealand customers.

Perfection is everything in grinding

In this industry, we deal in perfection and precision and it’s every bit as important when it comes to your coolant-to-water mix. Too much water and you’re running hot which takes longer to grind a set of cutters. Too little water and the coolant will attack the machine resulting in rust and rapid wear and tear. Then there’s the pungency; the lower the fume emissions, the healthier it is for your workforce.

But every time you adjust the coolant-to-water ratio, you’re wasting time, and possibly not getting it right anyway.

The answer is here at last!

Accurate Grinding Coolant Premix is the ultimate solution. No measuring, no mixing, no guesswork; simply top up your coolant with the knowledge that it’s 100 percent the same optimal blend every single time. It’s the perfect ratio to ensure machine efficiency, reduce inhalation hazards and minimise wear and tear.

The time-saving, efficiency-boosting, money-generating equation

It can take around 50-55 minutes to grind a set of cutters. With Accurate Grinding Coolant Premix on board, you could save 10 minutes per set. There’s no need to test, measure or adjust the mix in your machine and by using the perfect blend, your machine won’t over-heat, significantly slowing down the grinding process. Over four sets, that amounts to a saving of 40 minutes and allows you to cut another set in the day. Now let’s say you’re producing shiplap at 15 lineal metres a minute:

40 minutes x 15 metres = 600 lineal metres of finished product

Multiply 600 metres by $15/metre = $9,000 of additional product in a single day.

Exclusive to Accurate

We’re always looking for opportunities to not just save our customers money but to help them to make more money through smart solutions. Accurate Grinding Coolant Premix is an innovative solution to an issue that you may or may not have considered. We know it’ll make a genuine difference to your operations.

Grinding Coolant Premix 20L
Price: $40.80 + GST

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