Improve your grinding room with CBN (borazon) and diamond

Improve your grinding room with CBN (borazon) and diamond

At Accurate, we like to think of CBN and diamond wheels as the holy grail of precision finishing. CBN (short for carbon boron nitride), is better suited to HSS (high speed steel) and coated knife steel. On the other hand, diamond wheels are better suited to TCT and solid carbide knife steel. If you want to improve the efficiency of your grinding room and increase productivity and accuracy, then this range of wheels will exceed your expectations.

'Classic' CBN and diamond wheels 

Classic CBN and diamond wheels provide very good quality finishing, life and wear. Made in Japan, these high quality wheels will get your tools singing!

'Platinum' CBN and diamond wheels 

For exceptional quality finishing, life and wear, this exclusive range of platinum wheels require very little dressing and can be run at high RPM. These wheels provide a fast, cleaner removal of material across all grades (fine, medium and coarse), and hold its edge and radius longer. 

Made in Italy, you'll never look back when you upgrade to platinum. 

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