Is the adjustable pencil round cutter the right tool for your job?

Is the adjustable pencil round cutter the right tool for your job?

At Accurate, we are one hundred per cent about using the right tool for the job. It just makes no sense at all to use a light duty spindle moulder cutter head on a full-blown moulding machine. The Accurate Pencil Round Cutterhead has been  built for heavy duty utility.
Designed and manufactured in Italy, it has all the quality, durability and versatility you rightfully expect from European precision.

It was designed for our market and our machines with input and experience from many of our customers and even more specifically, for our hard Australian timbers. The difference this product will make to your timber processing will seriously impress.

Superior finish

When you're processing timbers with a nice bevelled or pencil rounded edge, you want a finish that stands you out from the crowd. If you're finding that you're experiencing problems with tear-out or plucking, then our Pencil Round Cutterhead is the answer. The turnover knives are set on an angle so they slice and cut better and give a better finish. In fact, tear-out is reduced by more than 90 per cent! Also, we're talking Tungsten Carbide composition which is perfect for Australian timbers. Anything less simply will not produce the same high-quality result.

Fully adjustable

Many of you are servicing customers who need their timber cut to different specs. This Pencil Round Cutterhead is fully adjustable between 15mm
and 50mm in thickness so depending on your customer's thickness request, it's simple to interchange the radius from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6mm and
also 45° chamfer is possible too. Changing between knives takes a total of just three minutes!

Faster processing and less downtime

We don't machine the same timbers as they do in Europe, so why do we allow European designed tools on our machines? Our overcut here is up to 20 percent more than our finished size. This creates a huge issue with gullet depth. Is it possible to put more food in an already full mouth? That's what we ask these spindle cutters to do. THE ANSWER - Accurate Pencil Round Cutterheads. These cutter heads have a bigger diameter so right from the get-go, they're going to overcome this problem by making more room as the gullet is bigger which allows for more efficient material removal. You also don't want to be mucking around with sharpening and cleaning knives or your machines will be sitting idle for an hour or two at a time and we all know what that means - money down the drain! By using our turnover knives, you cut that time to under 10 minutes and all you have to do is open up the housing, turn the knives over and you're good to go again. 

Predictability and reliability
Once the knives are turned over, you just get right back to work because the cutter block never changes in dimension. That means no guessing games or nasty surprises.

Two knives for the price of one
Because the knives are double radius, you effectively get two lives out of each one. A lot of others are available with one radius and one chamfer and if you're not using both those profiles, you have to throw away the knife after one use. When you purchase the Adjustable  Pencil Round Cutterhead with its turnover knives, you get to use both sides because each side has the same profile.

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