Raising your profile: It’s never been a better time for profile customisation

Raising your profile: It’s never been a better time for profile customisation

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar: You’ve just won a new job and now have 10 new timber profiles to create? Or perhaps you’re looking to diversify your offering and create some new profiles? Or your favourite - one of your customers has brought you a profile with 20 years of paint on it, for you to match! If you’ve ever said no to any of these in the past; say no, no more!

Accurate’s new and improved grind-to-profile service allows you to easily and cost-effectively achieve multiple, customised profiles, thanks to the acquisition of a brand new automated CNC profile grinding machine, a first-of-its-kind in Australia or New Zealand!

This new and improved service offers multiple benefits, such as: 

  • Grinding directly from CAD drawings (No templates required)
  • Improved accuracy and superior finish
  • Profiling serrated knives in all carbide and HSS variants

You can maximise this service in 3 steps:

  1. Send through your .DXF files
  2. Approve the profile card we send prior to producing
  3. Our machine will automatically produce!

We’ll still send you a final template for sharpening and maintenance purposes.

Don’t have a .DXF file? No problem! Either post the actual timber sample or send through the profile drawing (with specs). 

Looking for profile ideas?

The TABMA Standard Timber Finished Sizes and Profiles Guide is in incredible resource our customers regularly reference for profile drawings.

Just like your business, Accurate is constantly striving for continual improvement by implementing new technologies to improve efficiencies and provide better services to you (and your customers). Before you say no to a new profile - chat to us today

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