Table Lube Substitutions Create a Slippery Slope to Problems

Table Lube Substitutions Create a Slippery Slope to Problems

We’d like to draw your attention to the importance of table lube for keeping your machine lubricated and clean. We've heard some pretty wild stories about what people are using instead of specific table lube designed for this application. One of the more old school ideas is using diesel as a makeshift table lube. We’ve also witnessed someone using cooking oil!

It could be to save money or they could have temporarily run out of the real product but whatever the reason, it’s simply not worth the possible ramifications.

There are a number of problems that can occur as a result of using diesel or cooking oil or similar substances.

  • Compromised finish – Inappropriate substances can actually penetrate the timber which can affect any coating processes such as the application of lacquers and stains. This won’t be evident until the end consumer has installed the timber and started to coat it. That’s when the reaction can become evident and ruin the finish.
  • Poor efficiency – Neither these or any other non-prescribed lubes are as efficient as the real thing. In fact, you’ll actually use more of these inferior substances so when you look at the big picture, proper table lube is more economical. Cooking oil may be “cheap as chips” but if you use it on your woodworking machines, you’ll get an equally cheap and nasty result.
  • Damage to machines – These substances can be detrimental to the seals and O-rings in the pumps. And when left standing, they can leave a build-up of residue in your lines which may eventually require cleaning. This will be a very time-consuming and tedious task and should be avoided at all cost.

When it comes to keeping your machines – the bread and butter of your business – operating smoothly and efficiently, isn’t it worth investing in products that are specifically formulated for the purpose? A machine that is out of action even for an hour will impact significantly on your productivity. In the grand scheme of things, table lube costs small change. It’s a high performance product that will look after your equipment like, well, the proverbial well-oiled machine.

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