Vicbeam’s prefab glulam operations provides solution to end user

Vicbeam's prefab glulam operations provides solution to end user

Victorian glulam specialists Vicbeam have been supplying high quality glulam products since 2003. The company has specialised over the years in supplying both the merchant and wholesale network with ‘job lots’. Originally hailing from a building background however, the Wallace family saw the opportunity to diversify and provide a pre-fabricated solution. This often involves partnering with architects, builders and engineers from the conception stage of a project. Today, Vicbeam is a sought-after supplier of prefabricated glulam beams, manufactured to builders’ and architects’ detailed specifications.

Tim Wallace explained that the opportunity to communicate directly with the end customer has made an enormous difference to operations. “Having communication with the major players at design stage has made for great efficiencies and produced beautiful outcomes. We have been able to partner with our clients at ground level to provide bespoke, expert prefab solutions for the most complex requirements.”

In recent times, Vicbeam have supplied an extraordinary 18-metre-long beam for San Clemente High School in Newcastle. The “monstrous” 1050mm x 260mm beam is among the largest in Australia, according to Tim. “The engineered connections of the portal frame were something we’d never attempted before and our whole team is extremely proud of the result.”

Vicbeam supplied another 18-metre-long beam (900mm x 130mm) to Kane Constructions for the Port Fairy Waterfront at Phillip Island. “This was another really complex job. All the angle cuts were compounded, and everything was done completely by hand; we don’t use CNC machines at all at this stage,” Tim says. “It’s quite a testament to the skill of our fabrication team.”

Tim says that adapting to the changing construction landscape is critical as techniques advance and consumers become more aware of the possibilities that are available. “We always have our eye on what’s new and we’re constantly innovating to stay ahead,” Tim says. “As for quality, because we prefabricate in-house, we have ultimate control over production and quality. Our customers know they can count on us for consistency and accuracy in everything they purchase from us.”

Similarly, Vicbeam relies on Accurate for quality and customer service. “Accurate have always been there for us,” Tim explains. “You can get tooling from everyone but in our business, it’s about having good tooling. Average tooling produces average product and for us, the look of our product is what wins us the next job. Plus, Accurate’s level of service and fast delivery are things we greatly appreciate.”

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